ITOCHU International Inc.
The North American flagship company of ITOCHU Corporation, ITOCHU International provides trading services for more than 20,000 items and manages a portfolio of more than 20 subsidiaries and affiliates as well as a diversified range of investments. Headquartered in New York and operating in the US, Canada and Mexico, the company is involved in a wide variety of businesses, with particular strength in the machinery, aerospace and electronics, food, forest products, chemicals, energy and alternative energy sectors.

Headquartered in Tokyo, ITOCHU Corporation began more than 150 years ago as a trading company, importing and exporting items around the world.
Today, it still offers trading services but it also owns or has significant investments in 400 companies. In addition to several offices in Japan, our parent company has ten regional subsidiaries that partner with businesses everywhere. With 153 offices in 74 countries, ITOCHU Corporation boasts one of the most extensive business networks anywhere.
Ranked among the Fortune Global 500, ITOCHU Corporation has nearly $49 billion in annual revenue. True to its mission, “Committed to the global good,” ITOCHU’s goods and services affect people’s lives in the four corners of the globe.
Leveraging its vast resources the company is now aggressively investing in its strongest competencies:
  • Life and Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • New Technology,
  • Environment and New Energy, with a particular emphasis on solar power generation, energy storage, and water resources.
Geographically, the company has identified its priority growth regions as China, Asia, and North America.


ITOCHU Washington

ITOCHU International’s Washington DC office provides research and analysis on policies, regulations and economic trends that affect ITOCHU’s business operations around the world. The office also conducts market research and provides business development support for various ITOCHU business units.


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