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Soligent Brand Is Launched: Integrated Solar Operations Take New Name
June 06, 2012
As of June 1, 2012, DC Power Systems and Solar Depot, ITOCHU’s California-based solar energy distribution operations, have renamed their integrated business Soligent, LLC. The new name is a further step toward the full integration of DC Power Systems and Solar Depot, which were combined in February 2011 to form the largest solar energy equipment distributor in the Americas but retained their individual brand names. SolarNet Holdings, LLC, the holding company established to oversee ITOCHU’s solar business in the Americas now also takes the Soligent, LLC name.
Commenting on the change in a press release, Soligent, LLC’s CEO, Toshihiko Fujioka, said: “Merging the brands into one name, Soligent, completes our transition to one company, one vision, one central purpose: to be the best equipment partner in solar energy.”
Soligent serves more than five thousand solar energy dealers and contractors throughout North and South America from distribution centers in Northern and Southern California, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada. Headquartered in Northern California, the company also provides residential and commercial project financing solutions.
For more details about Soligent, go to: http://www.soligent.net