Policy Analysis
Building on our access to Washington, DC policymakers, government officials, and think tanks, the Washington office provides timely and focused policy analysis and reporting on key business issues. Our staff continually builds and nurtures its relations with the Washington policy and government community, to ensure that we are prepared to address our clients' government relations and policy analysis needs. We serve as the ITOCHU Group’s Washington, DC liaision.

By providing information and analysis about what's happening on Capitol Hill, in the administration, and in the economy, we help ITOCHU manage its business risk and plan for future business endeavors. We issue regular publications designed to keep our clients current on policy issues that may affect business—both in the US and worldwide. In addition, we provide special reports and communications on specific issues as needed by our clients. Activities are grounded in close networking with well-placed government officials, policy think tank experts, private consultants and law firms, and other Washington-based experts.

Through these regular and targeted publications and correspondence with clients, we provide information specifically on the following topics:

US Economy
Analysis of macroeconomic and sectoral trends in the US economy, including economic forecasts, financial markets, business investment, consumer spending, housing, retail trade, manufacturing, monetary policy, etc.

US Politics
Analysis of political trends, leadership, and elections, including policy agendas, changing leadership and congressional and presidential primaries and elections.

Global Economy
Analysis of international finance and global economic developments, including lending policies and practices of the international financial institutions, economic/political/country risk issues in emerging markets, and macroeconomic trends in industrialized and developing countries.

Analysis of power industry trends and legislative energy developments in Washington and around the US, including national energy policy, renewable energy policy and markets, smart grid, transmission and interconnection standards, etc.
Analysis of local,national and global policies and developments related to climate change, envionrmental regulation, water, clean energy standards, etc.

Export Controls/Sanctions
Tracking and analysis of US export controls and sanctions policy, and related issues such as terrorism and weapons proliferation. Focus on countries of concern such as Iran, North Korea, Burma, Sudan, etc.

Tracking and analysis of WTO developments and policy, trade legislation in the US Congress, US bilateral trade relations, US trade agreements, and sector specific trade issues.

US-Japan Relations
Intelligence and analysis from the White House, Congress and think tank experts on key issues and trends in the bilateral security, economic, and diplomatic relationship.

Foreign Policy & Global Security
Tracking and analysis of key regions and issues, with a focus on client-targeted risk assessment advisory services. Analysis targets the threat of conflict between the US and other countries in regional hotspots around the world.
Business Development

Utilizing our special location in the nation’s capital, the Washington office provides comprehensive business development support. The Washington staff is constantly looking for new business opportunities for the benefit of the ITOCHU business group. Our extensive network of business, advisory and governmental contacts in the nation’s capital provides us with unique exposure to a range of interesting business opportunities in a number of industries such as information technology, clean technology, energy, and other industrial and emerging technologies.

Our research expertise enables us to provide customized market and competitive analysis to help our clients make informed business decisions. Our advisory services include company due diligence, regulatory information, emerging technologies and market trends as well as direct investment opportunities, venture capital opportunities, joint ventures, and product development and distribution. While we specialize in business opportunities located around the Washington region, we have provided services on a nationwide basis.

The Washington office provides business development services in the following areas:

Information Technology
The Washington office is located amid the burgeoning IT industries of Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Services include deal flow for direct investments; company research on selected products or market segments for strategic partnership or distribution; access to local venture capital investing network; and analysis of venture and corporate investment trends.
Cleantech and Renewable Energy
The Washington office plays an important role for ITOCHU in monitoring regulatory and market trends for the cleantech and renewable energy fields, including the smart grid, solar, biofuel, and water sectors. We offer a wide range of research and business development activities, including policy and regulatory reports, market analysis, industry networking, identification of and follow through on specific business initiatives.
Other emerging technologies
The Washington office has access to a unique flow of opportunities in emerging technologies related to its presence among the federal government agencies and related organizations. This includes companies and technologies seeded by government and private sector funding related to national defense and security, healthcare, and other key areas. These companies are often looking for strategic partners to help commercialize technologies or products and locate global markets for them.