Message from COO

Takayuki Tsutsumi

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Blessed by rich natural resources and a vast extend of land in CIS, people have bright smile and cheerful voice.
In addition, most of them are Japanophile and Japanese government also gives a great support to some of CIS countries.
I feel there is a big potential in this region.
While we export some natural resources from CIS, we introduce to CIS some Japanese technologies and products and always consider involvement in infrastructure business and participation in some kinds of projects.
Sometimes we face some difficulties in business activities under CIS rules, which happens to others as well.
We get along well with those difficulties, in which way, we gain a big advantage over competitors.

If you come to CIS countries to see the reality and talk with people, I am sure you will be able to see CIS potential ability easily.
We expect a lot of young ITOCHU people to join us.