Food Department

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With the focus on customer needs, the Food Company has created an organic structure including food products development, purchasing of ingredients, food processing, distribution and retail. The company is pursuing its strategy on a global scale for effective production, distribution, and marketing, with the aim of becoming the leading company in the global food industry while enhancing the control of food safety and quality.
In the field of interests:
・ Grains and legumes
・ Vegetable oils
・ Beverage materials
・ Sugar, sweeteners
・ Dairy products
・ Marine, livestock, and agri products
・ Frozen foods
・ Processed foods, pet food and feed
・ Soft and alcoholic drinks
・ Confectionary Products

Main business

・ Import of products for HoReCa (beverages, seafood, dry groceries for Japanese cuisine etc.)
・ Import of specialized food ingredients (emulsifiers, proteins, extracts)
・ Import of canned products for HoReCa
・ Export of Russian grains and vegetable oils to Asian countries
・ License production (confectionary, beverages etc)
・ Support of investment and joint ventures projects in HoReCa, food production, agriculture and other sectors