Message from the CEO

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Itochu Corporation is one of the largest Sogo-Shosha (Japanese general trading house), which has 100 offices in 62 countries and more than 300 affiliated companies. It has a history of transformation for as long as 160 years. Itochus business field ranges very widely, such as textile, machinery, metals, energy, chemicals, food, general products & realty, ICT and finance. It has been engaged in domestic/import/export/third-country trading of goods as well as local and global investments with more than 100,000 consolidated employees around the world.
Itochu Taiwan Corporation is one of the 100% subsidiary companies of Itochu Corporation, established in Taiwan in 1958. Itochu Taiwan has long been developing trading business as well as investment in collaboration with advanced companies in Taiwan, exploiting its advantage, a global business network of Itochu group.  Its business field ranges almost as wide as that of its parent company.

In year 2018, Itochu Corporation completed the acquisition of the shares by 37.2% of Taipei 101 (Taipei Financial Center Corp.), which is regarded as the landmark tower of Taipei. We are also determined at Taiwan Itochu to make utmost support to increase the value of this irreplaceable treasure of Taiwan.

The base of Itochu Corporation
s founder (Chubei Itoh) was the spirit of sampo yoshi (good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society), which I believe is still good even today, when ESG management is strongly required from the market. I always try to keep this spirit in my mind when running this company.  Itochu Taiwan is also pursuing development of business models ofnext generation or introduction of new technologies in various fields here in Taiwan market, where there are many opportunities as many companies are heading for such a direction.

m sincerely hoping to contribute to development of Taiwan economy, by creating new values in collaboration with Taiwan companies.

Best regards,


Shuji Oe
Chairman & President
Itochu Taiwan Corporation