Management Message

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ITOCHU Europe PLC is the wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation, one of Japan's most successful trading companies. ITOCHU Corporation established ITOCHU Europe PLC as a holding company for its European operations.

ITOCHU Europe PLC regards trading as its core business, but in the world's rapidly changing commercial environment, the company actively engages in developing new business opportunities, most significantly in the areas of investment and acquisition. European operations have been consolidated into Europe-wide product and functional groups, making more effective use of ITOCHU group’s European network.

At ITOCHU Europe PLC, we know that environmental issues are a matter of serious global concern that affects the future of mankind. As a business, we endeavour to become a globally integrated corporation. In doing so, we are committed to economic development in harmony with the natural environment under the corporate ideal of being "Committed to the Global Good." We engage in corporate activities with due consideration for substantial impact, avoid environmental risk and conduct business in a way that fosters environmental conservation, in the context of what we call "environmental business."

Our products and services encompass textiles, machinery, plant, aerospace, information, metals, petroleum, chemicals, food, forest products, and general merchandise. We recognize the impact that our business can have on the environment around the world. Therefore, we have made environmental issues a pivotal focus in our overall management policy. Every business activity at ITOCHU Europe PLC is done with careful consideration for environmental impact. We actively implement environmental conservation measures and look to deal in more environmentally friendly products.

Hiroshi Sato
Chief Executive for European Operation
Executive Advisory Officer for Africa