Akihiko Nakazono's photo
Akihiko Nakazono
SVP & General Manager
Christopher Banks's photo
Christopher Banks
Deputy General Manager
Arbora Johnson's photo
Arbora Johnson
Associate Director, Strategy and Business

Technology transfer; business development; information technology; US-Japan relations
Barrie Krantz's photo
Barrie Krantz
Associate Director, Country Risk Team

International project finance; country-risk analysis; export controls; foreign policy; global economy
Maki Kawasaki's photo
Maki Kawasaki
Administrative Assistant
Executive assistant;
administrative support

Metals and Minerals Division, Nuclear Fuels Group

Theodore J. Weber's photo
Theodore J. Weber
Ryosuke Ohashi's photo
Ryosuke Ohashi
Masato Ikehata's photo
Masato Ikehata
Senior Trader
Oleg Li's photo
Oleg Li
Senior Trader
Shizuka Schagrin's photo
Shizuka Schagrin
Assistant Manager