Machinery Department

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The Machinery Company consists of three divisions: Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace Division, Automobile Division, and Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery Division.
We develop businesses in a wide range of fields: electric power generation, petrochemicals, infrastructure related projects, aircraft, ships, automobiles, industrial machinery and other businesses related to machinery.
In addition, we are proactively seeking for new opportunities such as water and environment business, renewable energy business.

Main Business in Warsaw

  • Offshore Wind Power
  • ESS (Energy Storage System), VPP (Virtual Power Plant)
  • Recycling Waste project, Bio-Fuel project, projects which solve CO2 emission issue
  • Infrastructure in PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) scheme: Train, Tram, Bus, CPK, Marine Port, etc.
  • EV related activity, Introducing EV infrastructure to Municipalities
  • Trading Car parts from Japanese company to Polish automotive manufactures
  • Trading Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery