Metal & Minerals Division Company

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The Metals & Minerals Company consists of two divisions: Mineral Resources Division and Steel, Non-Ferrous & Solar Division.
The Mineral Resources Division supports the basic industries of society, such as the steel and electric power sectors through raw materials supply. This division trades, in various parts of the world, iron ore, coal, uranium and rare metals mines.
The Steel, Non-Ferrous & Solar Division handles the business that deals with renewable energy, such as photovoltaic power, solar, thermal power, and biomass. It successfully runs this business around the world in the field of power generation. The division also engages in a variety of businesses in base metals and non-ferrous metals.

Main Business in Poland

  • Hot dipped galvanised steel colis
  • Aluminium billets
  • Aluminium ingots
  • Recycling of EV batteries