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ITOCHU Singapore Pte Ltd, Chemical Department is a leading distributor and trader of organic, inorganic, functional and specialty chemicals. It consists of 2 sections, the Basic chemical section which handles petrochemicals and the Intermediate and Fine chemical section which handles the midstream and specialty chemicals.

The chemical industry is an extremely important one as a lot of the products derived have a hand in our day to day activities and items. From the toothpaste we use in the morning, to the chairs we sit on, the car we drive, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, all have some components that are related to the chemical industry.

The team’s expertise mainly lies within the Asian region while continually seeking to expand our reach beyond. While applying the most efficient of logistic strategies combined with our strategic investments, we endeavour to provide the most efficient of services and prices to all our customers.

As a department, we continue to strive to operate more efficiently and expand our range of products in order to better collaborate with our partners and service our customers.


The section is mainly involved in the trading for bulk petrochemicals, with the list of products as follows:

These chemicals are mainly extracted from a refinery or cracker hence most of our suppliers are the major players in the region like PCS, Exxon Mobil, Shell, SCG, PTT, Titan, Petronas just to name a few. They are used in fuel, gasoline, paint, glues, adhesives, plastics, agricultural, automotive, cosmetics and in daily necessities through to pharmaceutical applications.

Building on our strong relationship and rapport with the main players in the region, we believe that we are able to continue to optimise our trade flows to create a win-win situation for all parties involved in the trade.

Also, we have a few assets (as mentioned below) which we continually utilise to expand our network and extend our reach further down the business chain. But not resting on our laurels, we continue to strive to sharpen the value of these assets while developing new ones.

Some assets:
Brunei Methanol Company (BMC) – Methanol :
Tetra Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd (TCS) – MTBE


The section handles an extremely wide variety of products with supply coming from many different parts of the world. Product list as follows: Inser on right sideWith such a wide range of products, the team works extremely efficiently together with key partners/suppliers. Competitive advantage is achieved by utilising the vast network of offices and storage facilities in our possession for the supply to our network of customers in the region. Products can readily be readilly arranged for delivery either by bulk vessels, iso-containers, lorry tankers or even in drums, according to customers’ demands.

To further integrate the business along the product stream, the section also handles related downstream products like cast Acrylic sheet, having invested together with Sumitomo Chemical Japan in a joint venture company, Sumipex (Thailand) Co., Ltd for the production of said cast Acrylic Sheet in Thailand for sales worldwideIn addition, the section has also been stably expanding our product range to add on the likes of additives for Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Ink, Paint & Coating Segments; and Inorganic Chemicals for glass in TV monitors just to name a few.

Some assets:
Sumipex (Thailand) Co., Ltd – Cast Acrylic Sheets :