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Metals & Minerals Department is handling international trading of thermal coal, coking coal, etc to non Japanese market. Our mission is to trade coal with adding value utilizing various functions of Itochu, including to export coal from equity projects Itochu group have in Australia, Indonesia and Colombia.We are expanding our trade volume in recent years, and we achieved more than 10 million tons of annual trading volume to non Japanese market. (※Trade to Japanese market is handled by Tokyo Headquarter.)

Throughout our business we contribute to the stable supply of coal over the world, which is essential for electric power generation, steel making and general industries supporting people's everyday lives.

Products & Services

・ Thermal (Steam) Coal
・ Coking (Met) Coal

Our main Source Countries: Australia, Indonesia, Colombia, South Africa, USA, Russia, etc.
Our main Sales Countires: China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan, Europe, South East Asia, etc.