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General Products and Realty Group has two major operation, which are Pulp and Hygiene Material.

The Pulp Department imports pulp mainly from ITOCHU Group’s pulp operation in Brazil and Finland. There are mainly two type of pulp, as a raw materials of paper, hardwood and softwood. The most competitive hardwood pulp are from Latin America, where ITOCHU Group has invested CENIBRA in Brazil. Also ITOCHU Group has invested Metsa Fibre in Finland which is major source of softwood pulp.
ITOCHU Group globally promotes over two million ton of pulp in total. Majority volume are exported to China and Asian countries. The Department takes an important role in the transactions of the wood pulp as the gateway to China and Asian market.

The Hygiene Material Department imports SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) from Japan.
SAP is an important absorbent materials mainly applied for hygiene products, like sanitary napkins, diapers etc. Consistent growth of demand for these kind of sanitary products are expected especially in China market. The Department, through this business, contributes people's quality of life.