Textile Business

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The Textile Division develops businesses in a wide range of fields from raw materials to finished products, from fashion to non-fiber materials, and also apparel brands. We continue to utilize ITOCHU's global network to source and manufacture products of the highest quality, striving to become a comprehensive consumer marketing, distribution, and licensing company, maintaining our focus on the fashion industry with our function (Trading + Marketing + Investment + Network + Digitalization).

ITOCHU Textile Prominent (Asia) Limited

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ITOCHU Textile Prominent (Asia) Limited (so called as “IPA”) has originally started from garment manufacturing regional office in Hong Kong since January 1983. In the past years, IPA has grown with enlarging business field such as Textile Materials, yarns, fabrics, and apparel brands to respond to the market demands.
Now we have subsidiary offices in 3 different countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh) and we act as regional Head Quarter of South East Asia, and keep evolving our business field to strategic investment and IoT/E-commerce area to react to the industry 4.0.
Website: www.ipahkg.com.hk