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To ensure the ITOCHU’s long and medium term development, ITOCHU formulated the “Sustainable Development Policy” by embodying the spirit of Sampo Yoshi into our "CSR Promotion Policy" and "Environmental Policy". ITOCHU China is actively implementing the following activities based on this “Sustainable Development Policy”.

Committed to the Environmental Issues

ITOCHU China operates diversified products and services and conducts business investment activities which are closely related to the environment. Realizing that without considering the global environmental problems, ITOCHU China could not be a sustainable corporation. ITOCHU China is a pioneer of a large-scale trading company to obtain the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in March, 2004.

In order to understand the impact of business activities on the global environment and prevent the potential environmental risk, ITOCHU China has implemented the management control of products and the environmental impact of new investment projects by the use of environmental management systems. In addition, through visiting a number of suppliers each year, our awareness of environmental issues is penetrating throughout the supply chain, suppliers’ environmental policy and issues of suppliers were well acknowledged.

Contribution to the Society

Based on a global perspective, ITOCHU China has corporate social responsibility to contribute the local community development and the social sustainability. In order to achieve this goal, each branch has carried out various social contribution activities focusing on three key areas.

Next generation cultivation

We keep promote activities to support the next generation health and contribute to a spirited and vibrant society.

Environmental protection

We actively carry out environmental preservation activities and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Community Contribution

As a good corporation, we strive to build a good relationship with the local community and achieve symbiosis with the local community.