Chemicals Department

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The Сhemicals Division deals with basic chemicals, polymers, synthetic resins, materials for the electronics, paint, tire and automotive industries, feed additives and mineral fertilizers.
As we expand the scope of our activities, we strive to use and promote innovative technologies, develop a comprehensive, global business for all sectors of the economy. We consider especially important areas related to ecology and environmental protection, the use of biodegradable and secondary raw materials.

Main business

・ Organic Chemistry: Import of polyester and nylon fiber raw materials, fine chemicals to Russia;
・ Polymers and rubbers: import of engineering plastics, polyolefins, rubbers, polymers for the automotive industry. The export of basic polymers is actively developing;
・ Forest industry: export from Russia to Japan of biomass in the form of fuel pellets for power plants;
・ Products for the agro-industrial complex: import of feed additives to the CIS, export of mineral fertilizers from the CIS.