Plant & Project Department

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ITOCHU Corporation is involved in realization of multiple projects all over the world, including petrochemical, gas chemical plants, refineries, power plants and transport infrastructure, such as railways, bridges, roads, water desalination, etc. In particular, ITOCHU Corporation is focused on the global "green agenda" and participates in projects of green and blue ammonia and hydrogen generation and utilization of CO2.

Our partnership with the leading Japanese and global companies allows us to act not only as equipment supplier, but also as coordinator of turn-key EPC projects, to provide finance arrangement, to give access to global sales network of our company and to invest into projects.

In Russia, ITOCHU Corporation participates in realization of large-scale industrial plant projects with leading players in oil, gas, chemical and power industries and infrastructure.

Main business

・ Gas and Petrochemical plants, Refineries
・ Chemical, including fertilizers
・ Power plants
・ Transport infrastructure
・ Water treatment, waste treatment plants