Chemicals Group

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The ITOCHU Chemicals Group used to be involved mainly in indent business of international trading. However, we have actively expanded our business areas such as stock sales, various joint-ventures, venture investments and project financing since Itochu Korea Ltd. was established in October 1999.

We are continuously making our effort to expand business by taking advantage of ITOCHU group’s worldwide network. At the same time, we will do our best to bring satisfaction to all of our clients with high quality service for contributing and committing to the Korean economy and also Global Good.

Chemical Division no.1

Basic chemicals/ Compound Row materials/ plastic materials

  • Chemical Division no.2

    Ⅰ. Industrial Chemicals
     - Raw materials for LiB electrode
     - Cell, Pack materials for LiB
     - LiB Module for ESS System
     - Raw materials for Fertilizers and Fertilizers
    Ⅱ. Plastics, Retail & Plastics Materials
     - PVC and PVC compounds
     - Polyolefins (PP/PE product & compounds)
     - Styrenics (PS/ABS/SAN & compounds)
     - Engineering Plastics (Specialty PC, Nylon compounds)
     - Functional Films for high quality green house & industrials use
     - Packaging materials, Vinyl bags, Retail Goods
     - Synthetic Rubber

    Ⅲ. Fine Chemicals/Specialty Chemicals
     - Semi bulk chemicals
     - Functional Monomers for Acryl, Urethane, Poyol, Epoxy, Polyester
     - Specialty Additives for food, supplements, cosmetics
     - Additives for paints and inks & functional coatings 
     - Aluminum paste for paints, inks & compounding
     - Eco-chemicals, Silicone
     - Raw materials for Photo Resist, Column spacer
     - Other Functional Additives