Machinery Division

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Machinery Div. has long history here in Korea, almost similar history with Itochu's Inauguration in Korean market backing more than 30 years ago. Machinery Dept. is currently working in the following four business fields;

1. Project field
2. Shipbuilding and Marine Project field
3. Automobile field
4. Industrial Machinery field

Introduction to each Business Field

1. Project field :
Based on experience and know-how cultivated through many contracts with such large companies as POSCO, Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) over many years, we are exporting Korean machinery and technology to overseas market, and engaged in developing large project in the third countries.
We are handling almost all infrastructure projects, in the business areas of steel-making, power and distribution, gas and petrochemical, environment.

2. Shipbuilding and Marine Project field :
We are developing projects, adding value by Itochu's multi-finance functions, in the areas of newbuilding vessels (including LNG carrier), 2nd hand vessels, charter contracts, cooperating with competitive Korean & Japanese Shipyards. Our track record experience in Korean market is over than 100 vessels.

3. Automobile field :
Based upon cooperation between Itochu Corporation and Major Japanese car makers such as Mazda and Isuzu, Itochu cultivated good relationship with Korean Motor Industries, and we keep this business relationship.
Based upon long-standing know-how, we are aggressively exploring to export automobile related business into 3rd party countries market.

4. Industrial Machinery field :
We are providing various levels of services, through export of Korean made equipments and devices and importing Japanese and/or foreign High-tech plants.