Energy Division

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S. Korea is the 5th largest petroleum importing country in the world with refinery capacity of 280 thousand barrels per day, in addition, is the 2nd largest LNG importing country in the world.

We, Energy Div. handle all kinds of energy related commodities/products such as Crude oil, LPG and Petroleum Products (gasoline / naphtha / jet fuel / kerosene / gasoil / fuel oil / bunker oil / asphalt), and LNG with all the Korean refineries and major petrochemical companies and LNG importers.

Korean Energy related industries are distinguished by their big scale. These companies are able to produce enough refined oil and petro-chemical product. It is not only to meet domestic demand but also to export what they’ve been thinking as the goal among their business part. The country’s refinery and petro-chemicals’ unrelenting efforts, to produce valuable products, have made Korea into a important.

Under those environments, we, Energy Div. of Itochu Korea, cooperating with Itochu’s global energy trading networks, are currently transacting for both importing to and exporting from S. Korea.

Item List

  • ・LNG
  • ・Crude Oil
  • ・LPG
  • ・Gasoline
  • ・Naphtha
  • ・Jet Fuel
  • ・Kerosene
  • ・Gas Oil
  • ・Fuel Oil
  • ・Bunker
  • ・Asphalt