Metals & Minerals Division

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We support critical lifelines of electric power and power generation, in addition to developing mines for coking coal for ironworks, and trading in coal. It develops coal and uranium mines and trades on a global scale. The Division also develops and trades in new fuels for power generation, including biomass. The solar power generation business is another important segment in the Coal Division. The Division is consequently active within the extensive sphere of electric power and power generation in Korea.


We are steadily supplying coal mainly to steel and electric power industries. We are collaborating with the leading resources company Glencore to operate coal-producing joint ventures in Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, with annual production output exceeding 30 million tons. We also acquired a 20% interest in 2011 in Drummond coal mine in Colombia with an annual production output of 30 million tons. Moreover, we are carrying out coal-producing joint ventures with local partners in Indonesia. 

 ・Coking Coal
 ・Thermal Coal


We develop the sales channels for wood pellet and PKS(Palm Kernel Shell). To keep pace with domestic increasing demand, we secure a supply chain with a variety of suppliers from China, Southeast Asia and others.

 ・Wood Pellet
 ・PKS(Palm Kernel Shell)

Nuclear fuels

In nuclear fuels, we undertake uranium trading, uranium mine exploration and uranium enrichment services. We take pride in handling the second highest trade volume among companies trading in nuclear fuel worldwide with an aim at a solution provider.

 ・Conversion Services