Food Division

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Itochu Korea Food department having the several business model that Importing to Korean domestic market, and exporting to other countries dealing with the food materials having relationship with the global group companies and their network. We will do our best to make up the 「Global SIS strategy」 which one that all of the Itochu food company’s strategy using from the raw materials to the products selling at the retail market, having good relationship with each process manufacturers and wholesalers in Korea & will challenge to make further business chance and new model.


Raw material) Grain, Coffee Bean, Cocoa, Raw Sugar, White Sugar, Milk Premix
Fresh food) Tuna, Sashimi, Fruit concentrate, Oyster juice, Potato, Chicken
Retail Product) Seaweed, Fried bean curd, Child drink, Bottle drink, Products tied up with convenience store or other retail stores