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Operating stratgies and directions

Product diversity
Through vertical integration from petrochemical material suppliers to the suppliers of a variety of specific products, we hope to meet the demands from the industries of automobiles, 3C household electrical appliances, information equipment, architecture, transportation, textile and agriculture, and closely combine the related industries with individual consumers, so as to provide our customers with the optimal services.

Rigid quality inspection and efficient delivery
It’s complicated and takes a long time to deliver chemicals from the factory to a customer. From bulk chemical orders to sporadic orders, other than satisfying customers’ demands, we have also made every effort to protect the environment and attain the goal of high efficiency and zero-pollution, All our efforts have paid off and we have gained edge in the environment where international competition is tense.

Corporate operating directions
To strengthen our major products, so as to ensure supply stability and timeliness, Also, in the face of the ever-changing environment, new products shall be developed through integration with other trade members in the industry, so as to reduce the cost and reinforce the competitiveness. In addition, localization development shall be enhanced and cooperation with Taiwanese suppliers shall be reinforced and, in the end, we shall help Taiwanese suppliers export their products throughout the world. On the other hand, we shall reinforce risk management for the distribution business.

By using the company’s specific attribute as a comprehensive trader along with cooperation with respective branches and divisions, we hope to offer total solution to Taiwanese traders and even transnational investors, and we anticipate that the chemical division will wield its maximum function in the aspect relating to livelihood consumption.

Business coverage

Our businesses are mainly divided into the following three categories
 •Organic Bulk Chemicals: e.g.: methanol and its down-stream product MeOH / alkene series of products /
  aromatic hydrocarbon series of products / solvents such as ACETONE, MEK, MIBK, IPA and DMF, etc. .

•Raw Materials for Synthetic Fiber, e.g. synthetic fiber materials, such as PTA, EG, AN, CPL, N6 CHIP and
  PSANDEX, etc.

•Functional (Fine) Chemicals, e.g. epoxy resin / Pu material / electronic chemicals, etc.

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