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Operating stratgies and directions

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The Machinery Department comprises two business fields: “the Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace”, “the Automobile, Construction Machinery, Industrial Systems, Life & Helthcare” , and is developing its business in a broad array of areas, from large-scale power/chemical plants, bridges, railways, water and other social infrastructure, aircraft, ships, automobiles, industrial machinery and construction machinery to life and healthcare businesses. We are not only import the machineries from Japan, but also introduce Taiwanese products to the overseas. In addition, it is making bold steps in developing the field of new technology and new business investmentsr, for the creation of new revenue bases.

In the “Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace” field, “Electric Power”, “Oil, Gas and Chemical Plants”, “Water Resource”, “Transportation and Infrastructure”, “Shipping Business”, “Aerospace” , we swiftly identify market needs in a wide range of business areas and provide precise business solutions.

In the “Automobile, Construction Machinery, Industrial Systems, Life & Helthcare” field, “Passenger Vehicles”, “Businees Vehicles”, “Construction Machinery”, “Electrical Machineries”, “Secondary Batteries and their Production Devices”, “Medical Devices”, “Medical Value Chain”, we will further broaden its field of business while giving full play to its comprehensive capabilities.

Business coverage

Civil construction, a variety of machinery and loading/unloading transportation machinery used for mining, agricultural machinery, metal processing machinery and overall equipment, robot machinery, textile machinery, semiconductor equipment, LCD panel manufacturing equipment, solar power equipment, automobile spare parts manufacturing equipment, steel related plant’s overall equipment, cement plant’s overall equipment, food machinery, petrochemical plant’s overall equipment, private cars, business cars, specialty vehicles, motor-trolley vehicles, boats and power generation equipment, etc.

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