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Operating stratgies and directions

・ Strengthen cooperation with Taiwan’s chemical fiber suppliers and expand exports of raw chemical fiber materials

・ Introduce Japan’s value-added raw materials to Taiwan’s textile manufacturers. 
・ Actively bring in IT industry related new materials.  

・ Introduce livelihood fashion products, so as to broaden Taiwan’s local market.
・ Cooperate with Taiwan’s prominent enterprises for joint venture of potential businesses.

Other than trading of raw fiber materials, the company has also put stress on its brand business and promotion of livelihood fashion products, in an attempt to expand its Taiwan market.

Polishing Pad 1                                Polishing Pad 2

Business coverage

 Natural fiber   
 Recycled yarns     
 Synthetic fiber
 Spun and filament woven/knitting fabric  
 Polishing pad for semiconductor , TFT LCD  
 FRP , CFRP Material  
 PET Film for IT Application  
 Industrial yarns
 Fashion Brand Distributor

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