ICT & Financial Department

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Operating strategies and directions

ICT & Financial Business Department focus on information and communications technology, mobile phone related business, media (include TV), logistics, as main business categories for development. Focus on Investment or Business Trading to structure and integrate Real and Virtual channels of upstream, middle stream, and downstream. Focusing on strengthening collaborate middle stream with downstream, OEM business, and support all units within ITC corporation for future investment.


Strengthen midstream and downstream collaboration
In order to create of next-generation business, strategic focus on collaborate downstream platform - Family Mart (over 3,300 stores in Taiwan), and major EC companies which we invests -, with midstream platform - pathways through logistics, information flow and payment flow -. 


OEM business
Utilize trading company functions and accumulated know-how, focus on customer services of IT/Mobile related OEM product. 


Various ways of supports for Itochu Groups
We support for Itochu Group company to expand business in Taiwan, Call center & CRM solution provider - Bellsystem24 , and TV channel which broadcast on cable TV & IP TV - WAKUWAKUJAPAN, etc.

Business Scopes

Communication and Media Devices Services

Internet Related Services

Music and Video Contents

Buy & Sell Cellphone and PC related Devices

TV and E-Commerce related Business    


Logistics Business

Investments on department related industries