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Operating stratgies and directions

Introduction of business contents:

The major business of the synthetic resin division is import and export of a variety of raw plastic materials. CIPLAS, a 100% trans-investment company of ITOCHU Japanese headquarters, is located at the petrochemical center of Singapore in South-East Asia, so we have very convenient access to acquire real-time market information and our product supply is very stable. Following the business expansion of Taiwanese traders, the company has also widely deployed its sales footholds throughout Asia, so as to offer newest information to customers. It is a crucial factor pushing the trading volume of ITOCHU plastic products at the top of the list in the industry. In recent years, general resin has been diversified towards specialty uses, e.g. special modification agents, PP with high transparency and raw plastic materials with metallocenes catalysts technology, etc. In the meanwhile, the company has also paid special attention to the development of respective suppliers, in order to provide its customers with latest product technology and timely services and consultation.

By using the company’s specific attribute as a comprehensive trader along with cooperation with respective branches and divisions, we hope to offer total solution to Taiwanese traders and even transnational investors.
 Also, on the premise to protect the Earth, the company has aggressively worked with its clients to change materials in hope of attaining the optimal effect of social economy.

Real-time support
Due to booming IT development in recent years in Taiwan, Taiwan has turned out to be one of key players in this sector on the global scene. In addition, given that China has become the production base of the IT industry, the company has especially dispatched its Taiwanese sales team to Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, in an attempt to provide the real-time support services for the well-rounded supply chain including new product development, testing and delivery, etc.

Strategic alliance
The company has cooperated with Japanese well-known suppliers to jointly serve its customers in great China. By applying the quality products supplied by those well-known Japanese suppliers to the company’s dense distribution network, we hope to provide our customers with intact services covering the offer of the competitive product niche and logistic system.

Polymer resin
The company sells a variety of special heat-resistant chemicals which are applicable to various electronic spare parts.

General resin
Export and import trading of raw plastic materials, such as plastic boards, contraction films, PP films, heat-sealing films, and finished products.

Business coverage

•General plastics (PP, PE, EVA, PVC, PS, ABS, EPS)
•Engineering plastics (PMMA, MS, MABS, PA, PC, POM, PBT, MPPE, PPS)
•Synthetic rubber (BR, SBR, SBS, SEBS, SIS, TPV)
•Various resin additives (e.g. anti-oxidants, anti-uv agents and slip agents, etc..)
•IT related products, e.g. notebooks, PC, LCD TV, laser printers, LCD monitor, projectors
•BELBIEN related products (decorative films, wallpaper)

Agency of BELBIEN (Decorative Films)
Product application: Decorative Film, Wallpaper
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