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Operating strategies and directions

The major business of the life material division is the pulp using the raw materials from forests and a variety of natural resources, a variety of paper, cement, fire-resistant materials and furniture, etc. With ITOCHU’s well-rounded global network channels, we are in a strong position to provide our clients with updated information and services at any time. By combining ITOCHU’s global network, the life material division is equipped with seasoned experience and profound product knowledge. At the same time, the division has also built a strong distribution channel by selling versatile types of products. Currently, the cooperative industries within and without include the electronic-base material industry, distribution industry, banking industry, paper industry, fire-resistant industry, furniture industry, cement industry, retail industry, building material industry and general merchandise industry, etc.

Four major issues undertaken by the life material division to fulfill its CSR

1.To ensure material traceability. 2.To trade FSC certified products (pulp and timber) 3.To ensure green enforcement 4.To protect natural forests

Business coverage

1. Use the good relationship with foreign suppliers to provide the local trade with the following favorable services:
1.Long-term and stable supply 
2.Local advantages and quick services
3.Wide product selection 
4.Professional product consultation


2. Cooperate with local suppliers and use ITOCHU’s strong global distribution channels promote local outstanding products find technical cooperation partners promote products throughout the world.


3. Major business items: 

 1.Our Company is the exclusive agent of Brazil’s Cenibra pulp.
 2. Our Company is the exclusive agent of North Europe/Finland’s METSA FIBRE pulp.
 3. Export of local manufactured pulp from Taiwan.
 4. Other Pulp
papermaking pulp (long and short fiber), fluff pulp, specialty pulp, waterproof films and high absorbent cores for sanitary items.

 •Wood chipImport of the wood chip from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, South America, and South Africa etc
Coated paper, Wood free, Copied paper, and Newsprint etc
 2. Industrial paper
Corrugating medium liner, and Cardboard etc
 3. Specialty Paper
Thermal paper, lease paper, no-carbon paper, inkjet printing paper, art paper, blotting paper, oil control facial tissues, magnetic paper, cigarette paper, Base paper of fruit protection bags, and base paper of paper straw etc.
 4. Household paper
Facial tissues and paper towels etc
 5. Packaging paper
Kraft paper paper containers and Molded pulp etc
 1.Cement: import and export of a variety of architecture related cement, ready mixed concrete and slag etc.
 2. Refractory materials: sintered alumna, synthetic mullite, sintered spinel, aluminite Ball
 3. Casting Sand Materials: Naigai Cerabeads 60, Mullite Ball 60, Wing Cerabeads, Casfill85
 4. Daily supplies: Furniture and construction materials, etc
 5. Timber: woodwork and timber, etc.