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Operating stratgies and directions

Expansion of sales outlets
We, Taiwan ITOCHU, focus on promoting safe, trust worthy, diverse and delectable food materials all over the world to everywhere in Taiwan.

To evolve trading into cooperation
To built up a firm flamework for the food distribution in Taiwan, not only do we focus on the general trade cooperation, but also on the partnership cooperation among enterprises.

Investment expansion
By expanding the investment business to reinforce overall resource supply and integration, we try to provide products and services.

E-FOOD Service Co., Ltd. – Our affiliated enterprise
Officially launched in 2008, its major business is wholesale of food ingredients.
Its handling items include rice, flour, soybeans products, vegetarian food materials, dried foods, dietary oil products, canned foods, seasonings, baking ingredients, dairy ingredients, frozen food ingredients, chilled food ingredients, snacks and beverages, etc., and its sales channels cover food processing factories, central kitchens,QSRs chain restaurants,Chinese and Western restaurants, schools for student lunch and cafeterias atcatering for school goverenment agencies, enterprises and hospitals, etc.

Business coverage

Imported products Baking ingredients Animal and plant-based fresh cream, margarine, condensed milk, emulsifier and various kinds of chocolate, etc.
Beverage Materials Coffee Powder, Coffee Extract, Powder Milk, Creamer, Frozen Cream Cheese(extreme low temperature Australian milk)
Seasonings Industrial-used Seasonings, Spices
Natural extract Oyster extract
Other food materail Been Curd Sheet, Sea Laver, Processed Fish Products, Soft Cream Cone
Local products Rice, flour, Concentrated Soup, Three in One Tea Bag, Soft Cream Mix
Bulk commodities Barley, wheat, soy beans, corn sorghum and various kinds of dietary oil, e.g. soybean oil, palm oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and olive oil, etc.
Raw fodder materials DDGS and fodder additives
飼料原料 DDGS、飼料添加物。
Health food Versatile kinds of health food and other food material.

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