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ITOCHU Australia’s Energy & Chemical division handles various chemical and plastic products and pursues next-generation power businesses.

Itochu Australia imports a variety of specialized and high value fine chemicals and plastic resins from Japan as well as other Asian countries. By utilizing our global network and expertise, we contriute to the Australian manufacturing industries by suppling high quality products and services. Our key prodcuts include aluminium paste, epoxy hardener, super absorbent polymer, cosmetic chemicals, chloroprene rubber and others. Itochu Australia is also developing next generation power businesses mainly relating to energy storage systems paired with renewable energy power generation.

Worldwide Operation

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ITOCHU Corp. Chemicals Division is comprised of a range of departments, Basic Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Plastics and Retail & Plastics Materials, handling a variety of products ranging from basic chemicals to fine, specialty chemicals to offer high quality services for industrial applications and individual consumers. By leveraging our worldwide sales network, among trading companies we have become one of the largest handlers of organic based raw materials, synthetic fibre raw materials, sulphur and its derivatives, and plastics. In addition to trading, by investing in businesses we are building a multifaceted portfolio that covers upstream areas through to downstream areas.