General Merchandise

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ITOCHU Australia's Forest Products Division has extensive involvement throughout the Australian forestry industry. To supplement ITOCHU's expertise in marketing and sales, it is ideally positioned with significant investment in infrastructure to benefit from existing and developing forestry operations. This infrastructure and current strategic alliances places ITOCHU at the forefront to capitalise on any future markets developed throughout Australia.

ITOCHU has a Joint Venture company with Oji Paper Co., Ltd, operating Australia's first woodchip mill specifically designed to process only plantation grown hardwood. This hardwood is sourced from Eucalypt plantations owned and managed via an associate company and grown as a renewable resource in addition to resources sourced from private property plantations.

ITOCHU Australia currently exports forest resources from Australia ports, in three Australian States. ITOCHU has a Joint Venture with LINX Cargo Care, Australia's leading logistics company to supply logistics solutions, port operations and port services for the export of resources throughout Australia.

ITOCHU also represents paper & paper board mills overseas, imports and supplies to Australian customers. ITOCHU has a large global trading network to source and supply a wide range of products from high quality, stable and reliable sources. ITOCHU is also developing business opportunities within the Australian building materials industry, utilising ITOCHU’s global expertise.


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Itochu Australia has a close business relationship with Krosaki Harima Corporation, Japan, one of the largest refractory manufacturers in Japan. Krosaki Harima have an extensive range of refractories for Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous and Mineral Processing Industries including but not limited to:
- Brick, Monolithic and Shaped Refractories for Iron and Steelmaking
- Blast Furnace Taphole Clay
- Steelmaking Flow Control Equipment and Refractories
- Castables
- Dry Gunning Materials
- Shotcrete Materials
- Precast and Dried Shapes

Cooling Elements

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Itochu Australia also works closely with Tobata Seisakusho, a Japanese manufacturer of:
- Blast Furnace Copper Staves, Tuyeres and Tuyere Coolers